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Emergency and Trauma Care

5000+ Emergency and Trauma patients 

Emergency and trauma care centers are those which treat both 

non life threatening injuries like sprains, spasms, wounds, bites, acute cardiac problems and strokes. 

Life threatening emergencies where specialized surgeons, intensivists and trauma care technicians work as a team and save patient’s lives. 

Mahalakshmi Multispeciality Hospital, provides tertiary level of Emergency and Trauma care where, our team of orthopaedic, neurosurgeons, plastic Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons and intensive care specialists diagnose patients with our  

digitized XRay, Sonology, fully equipped laboratory with comprehensive quality assessment programs of highest standards. 

We treat all following  emergencies, 

Road accidents, fall accidents and cut, crush and machine/ construction object injuries. 

Drug and poison induced emergency 

Venomous insects, snakes and animal bite emergency 

Cardiac emergency 

Disease induced intensive care emergency 

Psychological trauma

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