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Anesthesia is a procedure of administering anesthetic drugs to induce loss of feeling and awareness before a surgical procedure.

Intensive care is a part of Medicine in which intensivists manage and treat patients who are critically Ill, suffering with life threatening injuries, needing post surgical management and need infection control

At Mahalakshmi Multispeciality Hospital 

The department consists 2 full time and 4 part time consultant anaesthetists,  giving 24*7 anaesthesia cover for all emergency and elective surgical cases.  

We have 2 major operation theatres and one minor operation theatre with laminar flow and state of anaesthesia machine and monitor from GE.

Our team is excellent in giving anaesthesia for all high risk surgical patients, backed by a team of consultants from various other specialists. 

We have a usg machine at the anaesthesia department for giving regional anaesthesia and post operative pain relief under usg guidance.

We have given anaesthesia to neurosurgical cases, pediatric cases, oncological cases laparoscopic surgeries and complicated vascular and  lung surgeries in our department.

With the help of c arm and usg machine, Various pain care treatments like epidural steroids and plexus blocks have been given by our department specialist.

We are giving anaesthesia to more than 150 patients per month.

Day care surgeries pediatric surgeries urological interventions are the routine day to day affairs of our department

 Special anaesthesia techniques for labour and childbirth including epidural labour analgesia for painless labour and anaesthesia various gynaecology procedures which are in general done under laparoscopic.

Anaesthesia for gastroenterology surgeries with combined epi ga techniques to take care post operative pain relief were done routinely

Dr.T.Nirmalraj., MBBS., MD. 

Managing Director and Full time anaesthesia and ICU specialist

Dr.T.Nirmalraj has more than 10 years of experience in critical care medicine. 

He was critical care resident at Sooriya Hospital from 2001 to 2010 

He was critical care consultant at Billroth hospital from 2010 to 2018 

He is now the Managing Director and full time intensivist and critical care specialist at Mahalakshmi Multispeciality Hospital from 2017 to 2021 

He has treated more than 100000+ critical care cases till date 

He has been a anaesthetist for 10000+ cases 


He has completed his MBBS at Kilpauk medical College 

He has completed his MD at MGR Medical university

Has got Fellowship in Critical care medicine

Dr.Vijay Augustin., MBBS., MD

Director and Full time Anesthesia and ICU specialist

Dr. Vijay Augustin  is an anaesthetist and icu specialist having around than 15 years of experience in critical care and emergency care.

he has completed undergraduation from the prestigious madurai medical College and completed anaesthesia post graduation from Kilpauk medical College

He has finished post graduate diploma in family medicine offered by cmc vellore and fellowship in intensive care medicine offered by Apollo medvarsity. 

He is additionally specialised in emergency and trauma care by advanced trauma life support provided by American society of surgeons and he is advanced cardiac life support provider( medalist)

He is trained to do USG guided nerve blocks in regional anaesthesia and experienced in ophthalmic anesthesia too. 

He is also talented in doing various icu procedures like central venous cannulation and arterial cannulation and percutaneous dilational tracheostomy,  intercostal drainage, various paracentesis,  temporary pacemaker insertion and  various airway maneuvers etc

His areas of interest are infectious diseases and USG guided  regional anaesthesia. 

He had worked at Vijaya hospital Chennai and Sooriya hospital Chennai and Billroth hospital Chennai over a period of 10 years and having treated thousands of critically ill cases and gained experience before he joined our hospital.

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